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Bad Wolf

I am the Bad Wolf

14 August 1967
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How do I describe myself? Not your average anything. I'm complex, witty, sarcastic, slightly hedonistic and twisted. Most of my friends will tell you I'm kinda on the Evil side...well...more than a little.

To top everything else off, I happen to be Gay...

I'm a Furry - a Timber Wolf. I'm known as Maugrim Quinn Badwolf or just Badwolf in the Furry Fandom. I have a Fursuit as well. He is Emo T. Wolf.

I now exist between RL and SecondLife - Fine me online as Badwolf Barbosa at Club FURVANA

Find me at FURVANA - Teleport NOW

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My Furry code FCW1a A-- C D H+++ M P+ R T- W-- Z- Sm++ RLCT a+ c++++n d- e++ f h+ i+++ j p sm++

Oh? That little line above? I've recently discovered an interest in Furry Fandom... It's an interesting experience to say the least :)

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Image: 'I sleep naked.'
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